Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some of my Favorite up and coming talent on twitter....Check them out!

Another great thing on twitter..up and coming talent everyone should check out. Some are more established than others but I think you'll find all of them to be very talented. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a twitter addict. One of the many things I love about twitter is the chance to check out new talent I might not have seen otherwise. Getting to know them and seeing their talents grow is so exciting. I think when you check them out you'll agree with me. 

Instead of going on and on about them (which I could easily do) I'll give you a bit of info about each and links so you can click to check them out for yourselves. I think you will agree with me when I say they will do great things! I'm sure they would appreciate your support so I'm hoping you will spread the word of these great talents wherever and whenever you can. So without further babble from me I'd like to introduce you to these fine talents. 

  • Rashad Houston - Born in NY, U.S. Navy for 4 years, Now lives in San Diego, Beautiful wife and son. He writes wonderful music from his soul. Hip Hop and Soul. His music is inspiring and refreshing and he gives a part of himself in every song. You can follow him on twitter @rashadhouston and you can check out his music at Rashad Houston on MySpace. You won't regret checking out this wonderful talent and don't forget to spread the word to those you know.
  • J.R. King - Born in Chicago, Still living in Chicago, Has his own independent record label called One Nation Entertainment, Inc. Music genre Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop, Smooth sound that definitely gets you movin. Puts himself out there and into his music. You can follow him on twitter at @Jr_King and listen to his great music at SoundClick artist: J.R. King. I promise you won't regret it. And don't forget..spread his music!
  • Kelly G. - Canada - Comedian, This is one crazy lady (In a good way of course), She's funny and spreads chuckles everywhere she goes (wait..does that make her a chucklehead?) She makes funny videos from her car ( heard me right..from her car), But that's not all she does..the crazy lady literally lifts people (approximately 500+ so far) She says she's uplifting and that's an understatement. She intends to as she puts it "Lifting the world, one person at a time." She aspires to add Ellen to her list, so spread the word! You can follow her at @KellyG5 and view her videos at YouTube Live with Kelly G. Lets give her a round of applause! 
  • Jay Link - Los Angelos CA - Lead singer of Rock band called Death and Taxes - Independent record label called I Scream Records, They have a great sound and they will definitely get you rockin. You have to check them out and spread the word! You can follow Jay Link on twitter at @JayLink_ and you can get more information on the Band and other members and hear some of their music on MySpace Jay Link , MySpace Death & Taxes , Official Death 'N' Taxes website.

Lets give these great talents a hand and help spread the word!

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