Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you kidding me?....

I was appalled at what happened to a group of minority children from The Creative Steps Day Care in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. These children only wanted to swim and beat the summer heat. I truly thought we were past the kind of racism and ugly thinking displayed by members of the Valley Swim Club.

About two weeks ago the Valley Swim Club sent away a group of mostly African-American and Hispanic children whose day camp had paid $1900 so that they could enjoy a bit of summer swimming. After arriving for what they thought was going to be their first of several days of swimming during the summer they were sent away, asked not to return, and their money was refunded. The children were subjected to racist and ugly hurtful comments by other children and their parents who were swimming at the club.

It saddened me to see and hear the hurt in the children interviewed after this unforgivable display of racism. How could someone turn such beautiful children away. Their only desire was to enjoy their summer vacation.

Now they (Valley Swim Club) are making what in my opinion are excuses for why the children were turned away. They are saying they didn't realize there would be so many children and it was just a safety issue. I would think they would have known an approximate number of children when they made the agreement with the day camp. That also doesn't excuse the racist remarks made by club members that were there when the children from the day camp arrived.

If they want to prove they aren't a racist club, maybe they should reconsider allowing racist members that were there that day to remain members and allow the children to come back, although I can understand why the children would be too traumatized to return to that club. I don't see that scenario happening since I'm not buying their excuses. As the old saying goes, "I don't trust them any farther than I could throw them." I don't know where the Valley Swim Club has been but the days of separate restaurants, water fountains and sitting in the back of the bus are over. They need to catch up with the rest of us.

The Valley Swim Club needs to join with those of us who know and believe that all of us, no matter what our skin color, religion, or culture are all equal in every sense of the word. There is never a good excuse for any kind of racism in our country or in the world for that matter. I have to say I'm as disgusted with their behavior as I've ever been with anyone.


  1. the likelyhood of the swim club membersjoining with those of us who know and believe that all of us, no matter what our skin color, religion, etc. is quite slim.

    if a club wishes to be exclusive, it needs to keep a low profile. breaking a contract with a minority group is anything but. the club membership is probably now divided, they are under attack from almost everywhere, they have incurred the wrath of a US senator. in short the club is toast.

    very bad that children had to hear this stuff, but hopefully as they grow older they will understand that they were victims of one of the last manifestations of racism in the USA.

  2. I too agreed this was appalling! I was very happy to hear the NAACP was alerted. I do not know the outcome but I sure hope those children were able to swim in peace somewhere for the summer. All children deserve to be respected as a human being. Actions such as this one bring out an awful emotion, Hate. We want hate to be surpressed.