Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I just need to say it again...

So yet here is another case of someone in the health care system dropping the ball just because someone didn't have health insurance. I hear it happening over and over again. When is it going to stop? 

My oldest son's girlfriend is currently in the hospital with complications from Lupus. She began having problems many months ago. She went to the hospital and doctor several times and every time was just medicated to help the symptoms, mostly pain medication, and sent home because she had no health insurance. She has 3 forms of lupus and this should have been caught and treated right away. But too many times someone dropped the ball.  She even had one doctor tell her she wasn't being treated properly for her lupus, but did he do anything about it? No, he simply told her to see a specialist. So she calls to make an appointment and you guessed it. They couldn't fit her in for 3 months. Now she's laying in the hospital where she's been for weeks. She's had 3 surgeries to remove blood clots

She's receiving hyperbolic treatments to try and save as much of the foot as they can, but again I feel they are taking too many chances. The hyperbolic treatments seemed to be working at first. At one point they were only going to have to take the toes. Now because they didn't do something at that point and instead continued the treatments, her foot is getting worse and she will likely lose more of the foot. She's in constant pain and they have her medicated to the hilt.

I have to ask, when did the words 'Do no harm' fade away? This entire situation could have been avoided if they had just started her lupus treatments as soon as she was diagnosed. But no, she didn't have health insurance so she was turned away. 

This lack of compassion has to stop! Those of us without health insurance matter just like everyone else. We are not second class citizens and should be treated with respect! It's as if our lives don't count, so we don't deserve health care. It just makes me want to shout out, "HELLO...we're over here..we are important and we want to live!" But the question is, will anyone hear us? I hope someone is listening out there and stops this unfair practice of sweeping us under the rug as if we are so much garbage!

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