Saturday, May 30, 2009

A bit of a rant on Celebs who twitter but don't follow their fans.... I am again..ranting about something I've already mentioned a few times but feel the need to get off my chest once again. Mainly because celebs still don't get it and sadly most probably never will. But even if they don't see this (which I'm sure they won't), It helps to get it off my chest, so here goes. 

You would think by now with all the hoopla around this subject some of them (celebs) would be listening...but no...they aren't. I'm afraid the majority of celebs still don't get it. So sad really. They are really missing out. They have not yet quite grasped the concept of the importance of their fans and the fact that talent or not, they wouldn't be where they are without us. I'm soooo tired of hearing the same old excuses. "I have so many followers, I just can't keep up" I just don't want to hear it anymore. Yes its difficult to keep up..but there are many tools that can be used to help with that such as tweetdeck for one. You can create groups so that its easier to scroll back and review tweets so that you can respond to them. There is a reply column that also helps. Following the fan enables them to send you a direct message. That also has its own column in tweetdeck

I just think its a slap in the face to the fans not to follow them back. Following someone in my opinion is a show of respect. Makes them feel connected and appreciated. Like you care what they have to say to you. Think about it. Before you were a celeb when you were young..did you ever write a fan letter that wasn't answered. If so, how did it make you feel? Maybe a little like you weren't important enough for them to take a few minutes out of their time to appreciate you? If not then you have thicker skin than I do. 

You are where you are because of your fans...talent is nothing if there isn't anyone out there to appreciate that talent. So why not show your fans a little twitter love and follow them back. Have you any idea how frustrating it is for the fan if they tweet you a hundred times with still no reply? Well for me..I feel like 1. I'm not worthy of your precious time and 2. I must be so boring I'm not worthy to share the same planet you're on. 

A twitter friend of mine brought up something else that makes us nuts. Two celebs having a conversation with each other and totally ignoring all their other tweets. Come on...its not like you can't call each other and have those conversations anytime you want to. For the fan the only message that sends is 'Look at us..we are celebrities..we can talk to each other and totally ignore you and don't you wish we were giving you the time of day? It's frustrating to the fan and if you could only see their reactions between each other, it might make you worry about how many fans you're at risk of losing in the process. 

We may not be celebs..but we do have important and sometimes funny things to say. We are real people with real feelings and we deserve recognition and respect. I for one refuse to again tweet someone dozens if not hundreds of times with no response. To be honest its a waste of my api I can save for my twitter friends who actually follow me and care what I have to say and respond back to me. 

So in closing I guess what I want to say is if you truly care about your fans who put you where you are..follow about them as human beings. Talk to them, they might even surprise you and have some good advice or something to make you chuckle. DON'T FORGET US..WE'RE OUT HERE AND WAITING TO BE HEARD! 


  1. Beautiful article. Thank you for speaking the general population's mindset. I have encountered many replies from just a few celebs, and only 1 actually follows.
    Again, very nicely written article.

    Lisa R.

  2. I had a "celebrity" following me who would ONLY interact with me in DM's. Finally, I asked, "are you embarrassed to be seen interacting with me? I see you tweeting with Speidi and Ashton Kutcher. Am I just not good enough for you?" After asking him these simple questions, I turned around and blocked him. I figure it's up to me to create the universe I want to inhabit on Twitter. If I follow celebrities and they don't follow back, I'm asking to be ignored. Next celebrity who follows me, I promise I'll follow you back!