Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Collective Soul Shows Twitter Love to their fans...

I follow a lot of celebs on twitter but these guys (Collective Soul) have to be one of the most refreshing of them all. They take the time to follow those who follow them and interact. Collective Soul seems to realize when they follow their fans it makes them (the fan) feel more a part of things. I realize that it's difficult to respond to everyone when you have thousands or even millions of followers nor would I expect them to, but it's still nice to feel the celeb you are following is hearing you. Its part of the fun and excitement of following the celeb. Because Collective Soul interacts so much with their fans I highly recommend them. You can follow Collective Souls twitter by following this link @collective_soul

No one wants to continually just read generic posts about the celebs new releases whether it be a movie, a television show, or a new album. They want interaction and they want to feel appreciated. What better place to do this than on twitter? It's a safe vinue for them without fighting crowds of people and paparazzi.

Yes I know they're famous people, but we also want to see them as 'real' just like the rest of us (after all at one time they were just regular people). Collective Soul does just that. Yes they let us know about their upcoming tours (click for info) 2009 tour and new music..but they also interact and try to respond to as many fans as their busy schedule allows. They twitter pics and videos of their travels and things they are up to in real time. This only makes their fans feel more connected. (You can also get more info about them on the Collective Soul Blog.)

All in all I would have to say they rank up there at number one not just in talent, but in the care they show to their fans every day. After all celebs wouldn't be celebs without the fans. People just want to be treated like real people with real feelings and not just a number that brings in the bucks. My best advice to the celebs out there..follow your fan base..let them know you truly appreciate them. After all they are the biggest reason you are where you are now. Yes you have the great talent, but the fans are the ones that truly make you famous. Without them you're just regular people with talent. Kudos to Collective Soul for getting it right!

This being said I do have a couple of others that although they don't follow everyone, they do take the time to respond to as many of their followers as they can and are definitely entertaining. Those are @melaneymayron52 (A special lady who responds often and follows me back), @madlyv (this one is wonderful lady with 'spunk') I follow many others but after many many tweets to them I have yet to ever get a response so I'll just leave them off the list altogether. My father always said if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all and in this case..i'll listen to him.


  1. Nice blog! Are you aware of the Collective Soul blog contest? You should enter ;)

  2. Glad you like my blog..Yes I've entered it..they are a great group of people!