Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just for fun and hopefully your entertainment...

These are a couple of poems I wrote back in 2002. The first one was written in about ten minutes just for fun to send to my friends. They got quite a chuckle out of it. The second one I wrote after my dear sweet farmboy (my affectionate name for him) passed away unexpectedly in 2002. I hope you enjoy them. One of these days I will have to try my hand at it again. After I finish writing my book of course. Anyway enjoy and I hope you like them.


Hello my friends, this poem is for you,
I know you love me, and i love you too,
And when I'm a pain, I'm sure you'll let me know,
And off to my corner i will go,
To know me is to love me you will find,
So when I'm a pip, please be kind,
Some know me as Linda, some know me as spitfire,
If you have any problems, this guns for hire,
I'm not much of a poet, as I'm sure you know,
But you love me anyway, it must be my glow,
OK I'm done now, does that make you happy?,
Hey what do you want? I thought the poem was snappy.

By Linda aka Spitfire

Linda Bowen

Copyright ©2009 Linda Bowen

Questions Unanswered

I find my self asking
can i fill that void,
or is life just a series
of obstacles to avoid.

I wander through life
searching for solutions,
to life's many questions
but find no resolutions,

I hoped happiness was out there
as I've made my way through,
I have no way of knowing,
it seems so out of view.

I can't seem to find
that one thing that i seek,
the peace from within
that makes life unique.

Perhaps i will find
as i continue my quest,
that unhappiness may be
my one unwelcome guest.

Linda Bowen

Copyright ©2009 Linda Bowen

I was happy they got put on poetry.com. Even though it's probably easy to get a poem on there it was still exciting.

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