Saturday, June 20, 2009

Support for the Iranian People in their difficult time...

My heart goes out to the Iranian people in this difficult time. They are fighting the difficult fight for their freedom and making themselves be heard around the world. Its wonderful to see the support from around the world via twitter, youtube, facebook and many other avenues. I pray they have the outcome they strive for. So many brave people there in Iran and my heart truly goes out to them.

It's great to see people from all over the world holding rallies and showing solidarity for the Iranian people. If you want to get involved and show your support you can sign up for a twitter account at and check the trending topic #iranelection to get more information on whats taking place and see how you can show your support. You can also get information via Iran unrest twazzup twitter. Please show your support for their struggles and you would want someone to support you if you were in that same position.

I'm appalled at how the Iranian government continues to try to silence their own people and I pray that the people find the peace and freedom they seek. I applaud their persistence in asserting their rights as human beings to live in a free society. My thoughts are with them and I will continue to support them in their efforts and hope that others will do the same.

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