Monday, June 22, 2009

Someone has to say here goes...

I've been on twitter for a few short months and for the most part I've met some very wonderful people and made some awesome friends. I know when I'm down I can always go to my friends on twitter to vent and/or enjoy their company and my mood quickly changes. It's also a great place to go to support causes close to your heart.

While on twitter these past few months I've also found many who use ustream to get themselves out there. Its a great place where you can chat and see someone broadcast live and interact in real time. Most of them are great and it can be a lot of fun. I have found one exception to this though. Anyone can try to make themselves a 'star' via ustream but unfortunately I've found one that has taken himself much to seriously. He calls his show BradmanTV. At first he seemed to be comical and I followed him on twitter (that's where I found him first). But as time has gone on my opinion of him has changed drastically.

At some point he has become a bit full of himself and he believes he is some sort of God who has the power to make or break someone. I've seen him degrade anyone who isn't kissing his behind. He's threatened to pull his support of someones friend if they don't follow his imaginary line. I have a question for the Bradman..Who died and made you God of the Internet? Have you forgotten your not the star you think you're just a guy from Iowa that has a ustream account. That doesn't give you the right to degrade those who don't see things your way.

I follow a wonderful lady from Canada. She's funny and talented and I highly recommend her ( @KellyG5 and KellyG on YouTube ). He had the nerve to tell her he didn't think she was "the right fit for his show." I saw this from him with my own eyes and just couldn't believe it. I was amazed at the comment since he's just some regular guy transmitting from Iowa. Also as far as I know real stars don't broadcast drunk from a bar.

If he's so special why is he not in Hollywood by now? Brad...I hate to tell you this but you don't have as much power as you think you do. You really do need to get over yourself. I for one unfollowed him on twitter and will block him if he decides to try to tweet me again. And just in case you ever read this post Bradman..I have a new hashtag for you. #bradmantvfail! My advice to the Bradman is to bring himself back down to reality and realize he's NOT a star, he's just a guy that lives in Iowa. No more and no less. Having a pretend TV show on ustream doesn't make you special. It just means you know how to log into an account and push a button to talk.

So from this average normal lady I'm saying this guy is not worth your time, and I for one will not be wasting any more of my time on him. I have more important things to attend to. I would only recommend him to those who enjoy kissing someones behind or those who enjoy being degraded if they don't tow his line. Otherwise I wouldn't bother as he doesn't understand any other way.

This is just my personal opinion. You are free to agree or disagree. Thanks.

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  1. I really loved what you wrote! Not because you were far too kind to me... but because you were far too kind to BadmanTV!

    Hopefully he will see his TRUE reflection! He's slanderous & has the biggest ego I've ever seen... bigger than my hair even! lol

    Anyway... thank you for being too kind as always! That’s the best way to be :)